DIY Paper Organizer

Remember when I mentioned my little obsession with card stock? Well, I’ve done something about it.

No, I didn’t get rid of it. Well, actually I did give away some of it. But for the rest I desperately needed something to get it organized.

Soooo, I got my DIY on and made this handy dandy wooden paper organizer to fit inside the cubbies of my shelf!

DIY Wooden Paper
I was so excited to get it in the cubbie and try it out that I didn’t even finish sanding the rough edges or paint it yet! (By the way, the storage unit is actually called a room divider. I got it at Costco a few years ago, but this idea would work for any similar storage unit.)

DIY Wooden Paper Organizer
To make it, I first measured the dimensions of my cubbies. They measured just under 13 1/2″ square.

DIY Paper Organizer

I found some leftover 1/2″ MDF in my wood pile and cut  a 13 1/4″ square using my Ryobi 10″ portable table saw.  I then made dado cuts into one side of the wood spacing them about an inch apart. Since I don’t yet have a dado blade for my table saw, I just lowered the blade to cut into the wood half way. I made two cuts right next to each other to make a groove wide enough to hold the divider pieces.

The dividers were made using 1/4″ boards cut to 13″ x 12″.

DIY Paper Organizer

Half circles were cut out using my new Ryobi Jig Saw.

It was actually my first time using a jig saw. Be honest – you can tell, can’t you ; )

DIY Wooden Scrapbook Paper Organizer

The cuts look a little better after some sanding.

There are five more cubbies in that storage unit. I think I’ll need to make at least one more paper organizer. I told you I have a bit of an obsession with card stock!


A Bicycling Getaway

Some times, you just need a break.

biking C&O Canal

A break from work, DIYs, crafts, from every day life and all of its responsibilities.

Biking the C&O Canal Towpath

A time to relax and recharge.  Biking the C&O Canal

And to think about absolutely nothing at all.

Biking the C&O Canal Towpath

For me the best way to do this is by riding my bike. I find that I am so focused on the beautiful scenery around me (and staying upright on my bike ; ) that I can’t help but block out all else.

Biking the C&O Canal Towpath

We left town on Monday and drove to Leesburg, Virginia. On Tuesday we hauled our bikes across the Potomac River and pedaled for  just 15 miles.

Biking the C&O Canal Towpath

There are still old lock houses along the C & O Canal Towpath.

Biking the C&O Canal Towpath


I would love to see inside!

I understand that these can be rented for overnight stays but most have no running water or electricity –  a little too primitive for me.

Biking the C&O Canal Towpath

Every five or six miles along the trail there are old fashioned water pumps . . .

Biking the C&O Canal Towpath

. . . and picnic tables for curling up and taking a nap!

Bavarian Inn Shepherdstown WV


On Wednesday and Thursday we stayed at the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

Bavarian Inn

If it were summer, I would have so been in that infinity pool!
Biking the C&O Canal Towpath

We were lucky to have a room with these magnificent views of the Potomac River from our balcony.

Bavarian Inn Shepherdstown WV You can see the bike trail under the bridge on the other side of the river. Go to the left on that trail and you’ll eventually end up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! It will take a few days ; ) Go to the right and you’ll wind up in Washington, DC. And the best part: it’s trail the whole way – NO traffic-filled streets!

biking the towpath

We went to the right for 12 miles to Harper’s Ferry and didn’t see a single soul along the way. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

biking the towpath

Once we arrived in Harper’s Ferry, we walked the hilly streets lined with all kinds of shops, restaurants and Inns.

biking the towpath

It was so wonderful to get away and unplug. Truly, bicycle riding (for me) is the perfect stress reliever.


The hotel gave us a bottle of wine. I had to improvise for the cheese part of the wine and cheese ; )

What works for you? How do you get away from it all? What is your stress reliever?

I know this is a craft/DIY blog, but since I love to share ALL of my passions I thought you might enjoy reading about my bicycling adventures, too. Last year I wrote about the Ride of My Life, a 180 miles, 3-day trip to Pittsburgh.


DIY Personalized Gift Tags

One thing that I always run out of every year is gift tags. I decided that it’s not going to happen this year. I decided to make a bunch of personalized gift tags well in advance so I’m ready.

I’m not one of those super organized people that starts Christmas shopping early and has all the gifts wrapped and ready before Thanksgiving. Are you? If so, I hate you ; ) Not really, but I’m jealous. Every year I vow that next year will be different. That I will start shopping in October and be done early. Yeah. Right.

DIY Gift Tags by

I know me. It won’t happen. So when I’m hurrying and scurrying wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve, at least I’ll have gift tags!

But maybe, just maybe by taking baby steps – like making my own gift tags early – that a pattern will develop. One step at a time.

So how did I make these gift tags? I’m glad you asked?

Using my Silhouette Cameo, I cut tag shapes out of white card stock. Then I cut frame shapes with an initial in each center using Silhouette’s printable gold foil.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 5.52.34 PM

I made the frame shapes by creating an internal offset and then I made the two shapes a compound path. You can download my free cutting file for Version 3 or Version 2. (for personal use only)

DIY Gift Tags by

I made initial tag for everyone in my immediate family.

DIY Gift Tags by

And I think I might have gone overboard with how many I made for the grandbabies! Or not.

DIY Gift Tags-by

Since we’re talking about Silhouette, did you hear there’s a new Cameo?

new silhouette cameo Here’s a link to a video explaining what’s new

Starting tomorrow, the new Silhouette Cameo will only be available online at the Silhouette Shop for the first week or so and they expect them to sell out quickly.

Decorate Plain White Candles

It struck me the other day that putting candles on my little Fall vignette in the hallway would add a nice warm glow.

decorate plain

So I had added a couple of dark red pillar candles and lit them.

Decorate Plain White Candles


And I was right: they did add a nice, warm, cozy feeling to the dark hallway. But one problem: I couldn’t leave them lit since they’re not in a room where I can see them.

Then I remembered reading that HomeGoods has the best price on battery-operated candles, so on my next trip to HomeGoods (which was the very next day since my day job is located minutes away from a HomeGoods), I picked up a pack of three.


The only problem: they were a little too plain.


But that was easy to fix. I went through my stash of ribbons, buttons, twine, and scrapbook embellishments.


After adhering with tape and hot glue (which took about two minutes!)  the once plain, white candles blend in quite prettily with all of the other Fall decor.

Once Thanksgiving has come and gone, I will redecorate them for Christmas!

As you look around your home, what can you make pretty with supplies you probably already have? I would love to hear what you have made pretty lately!

October Silhouette Special Offer

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using any of these links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.  As always, I only promote products and services that I use and love and you know how much I love my Silhouette!

Silhouette is back with another Portrait Bundle special offer!


Last month I talked about why the Portrait may be the right choice for you.

This month the bundle includes:

  •  A Portrait machine
  • 1 pack of Printable Gold Foil
  • 1 pack of Printable Silver Foil
  • 1 pack of Vellum
  • 1 grey dust cover

print and cut labels-2 by

I’m a big fan of the printable foil. I made a video showing how to create labels using the print and cut feature with the silver printable foil. If you’d like to see more of my Print & Cut projects click here.


Paper Rosette Fall Wreath

Confession: I have a weakness for paper. Pretty paper and card stock. My paper of choice is double-sided card stock. I just can’t help myself.


Hello. My name is Jeanie and I’m a double-sided card stockaholic.


Can you relate?

I guess it doesn’t help that I receive daily emails from not just one but two daily deal sites tempting me with the latest and greatest patterns and colors.

Paper Medallion Wreath -

So when the chance to participate in this month’s Silhouette Challenge came up, I took it as a challenge to use up some of that lovely card stock.

Paper Medallion Wreath

This is probably about the billionth time that I’ve made these paper medallions (my favorite is the Christmas Tree), but they’re just so dang pretty! And so easy to make. Especially if you use your Silhouette to cut perforated lines in the card stock for you. Accordion folding card stock without perforated lines is possible, but the folds would have to perfectly straight and creased. I honestly don’t have the time or patience for that.

And since you probably don’t have the time or patience for that either, I’m including links so that you can download the files I made.
Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 7.02.48 PM

Feel free to adjust the spacing between the vertical lines and the position of the horizontal lines. Version 2, Version 3 (For personal use only)

Never made paper medallions? Here’s a quick little picture tutorial for you.





I told you it was easy!

I hot glued buttons into the centers.

To make the wreath, I covered an old wire wreath frame with a roll of burlap ribbon and just started hot gluing on the paper medallions.

I made various sizes of medallions and just kept adding layers, making sure to overlap the edges.


I love how it looks on my salvaged wood chalkboard.


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Pretty Halloween Decor

In my opinion, there must be two different types of Halloween decorating styles:


I am definitely in the pretty Halloween decor camp. No surprise there.


Are you one of those that go all out decorating for Halloween? Almost every neighborhood that I have ever lived in, there was always at least one.

You know the ones I’m talking about: the fake cemetery in the front yard, spooky music playing in the background while green lights casting eerie shadows upon pots of billowing smoke from dry ice. These are the people that go over-the-top with the most elaborate, I-LIVE-FOR-THIS-HOLIDAY decor.

I’m not one of them.


In fact, when my three kids were trick-or-treat ages, I didn’t even decorate for Halloween.  I simply didn’t have time for that! As a full-time working-outside-the-home mom with three kids and a husband who worked the opposite hours from me left little time to worry about Halloween decorating.


Ah, I remember those days……..rushing home from work to get the kids in their costumes and out the door for the hour or two of trick-or-treating. Then coming home to a house that looked like a hurricane came through from the frantic, aforementioned getting ready part. Can you relate?

Oh how times have changed. The kids are grown and gone and I get to watch my kids and grandchildren enjoy trick-or-treat night.


And I have time to decorate for Halloween. And I choose pretty.

I made these framed glitter and card stock letters that spell out BOO and they are super easy and fast to make.

Using my Silhouette, I cut the letters out of double-sided adhesive sheets.


After cutting out the letters, I carefully peeled off the yellow backing and placed the letter (white side up) on the card stock. After peeling off the white layer, the adhesive is left on the card stock.


Then the fun part: adding the glitter. The glitter sticks to the adhesive . . .


. . . leaving behind crisp, clean glitter letters.

Glitter and Card stock pretty Halloween Decor -

I plan on decorating my faux mantel with pretty Halloween decor again this year. And these framed glitter and card stock letters are part of the plan.

Tell me, which Halloween decor style do you prefer?

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links meaning that if you make a purchase using one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. As always, I only recommend products that I use and love.

Easy Light Fixture Makeover

In order to keep my powder room makeover on budget, I decided to keep the existing light fixture and just give it an easy makeover with spray paint. Have you priced bathroom light fixtures lately? Updating your light fixtures by spray painting saves a nice chunk of change.

There was really nothing wrong with the light fixture that the previous owners had installed. I just preferred a darker color to coordinate with the other hardware in the room.


This isn’t the first time that I’ve used Rustoleum’s Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, so I knew that it would work perfectly for the light fixture. See how I used it in my kitchen makeover, too.

spray painted light

And while I was at it, I spray painted the door knob, hinges and screws, too. Why buy new when the old will do, right? Well, the old with a little updating, that is!

Here are a few tips to remember when spray painting light fixtures and door hardware:

Obviously, you’ll want to carefully cover what you don’t want painted with painter’s tape.

Poke holes into cardboard to hold the screws in place.


Be patient and spray several light coats for even, non-drip coverage.

Scuff up hardware with sandpaper first before spray painting. And remember to paint both sides of the hinges. My hinges were previously painted white so I had to remove that old, bad paint job first. I just put them in an old pot with simmering water and the paint peeled off easily.

I’m very happy with how the light fixture and door hardware looks and even happier with how much money I saved by just updating them with a little spray paint.

Could a light fixture or maybe some door hardware in your home use a spray paint makeover? I have two outdoor light fixtures that are screaming for a spray paint makeover.
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Frame a Mirror with Clips in 5 Easy Steps

Plain, frameless mirrors. How boring! I have been wanting to frame my bathroom mirrors since, well, forever. Since even before the powder room remodel. It seems like such an easy DIY that practically anyone could do and makes such a dramatic difference.

However, there was one problem. My mirrors are attached with those little metal clips.

Since I was unable to find a tutorial that dealt with those pesky little buggers, I was left to my own devices (which isn’t always a good thing – but this time it worked out) and came up with a way. So if you’ve been yearning to frame your clipped on mirrors, I gotcha covered!

how to frame clipped on mirror in 5 easy

When there’s a will, there’s a way!

Here’s how to frame a clipped-on mirror in 5 easy steps:


  • wood trim (I used baseboard trim)
  • miter saw
  • utility blade
  • small chisel
  • paint or stain
  • Liquid Nails adhesive
  • measuring tape
  • painter’s tape


Measure the outside dimensions of the mirror.


Cut the wood to the dimensions measured at a 45 degree angle


Place the piece of wood against the mirror and mark the location of the clips with a pen or pencil. Using a utility knife, carefully make slices into the wood between the marks.


At this point, you can use a small chisel to make a small recess into the wood.


Paint or stain the frame pieces, being sure to paint or stain the back of the wood, too.


I used the same Modern Masters metallic paint that I used on my interior doors.


Apply Liquid Nails adhesive to the back of the frame pieces, then place the frame pieces in place on the mirror.

To keep the frame in place while the adhesive is drying, use strips of painter’s tape.

Since there is space between my mirror and sink, I wedged some scrap pieces of wood in that space to keep the frame from slipping while the adhesive dried. There you have it! An easy way to frame your bathroom mirrors, even if they have clips. A framed mirror looks so much better, don’t you think? And it’s such an easy DIY.

Upcycled Storage Shelf

When I made the craft paint storage shelf it got me thinking that I needed to make another one for the other paint. You DIYers and crafters know exactly what I mean. Those sample jars of paint we all have, spray paint cans in practically every color of the rainbow, and let’s not forget the quart-size cans, too.

Building a bigger and slightly modified version of my craft paint storage shelf was on my to-do list until I nearly tripped over this over-the-toilet bathroom shelf unit that used to be in the powder room before the makeover.


See that over-the-toilet shelf in the photo above on the left? I had asked Dan to take it to the dumpster, but for some reason I had second thoughts and changed my mind. I didn’t know at the time what I would do with it but I thought I’d hang on to it for a few days “just in case”.

Well “just in case” happened. I took off the bottom of that unit – there were just a few little screws holding it together.

Repurposed bathroom cabinet for craft room storage


And I now the perfect paint storage cabinet.


There’s lots of room for all of my bottles . . .

upcycled bathroom cabinet

. . . and jars.

The top shelf has plenty of room for more spray paint cans.


I attached a few command hooks for more storage on the inside of the door.

The baskets on the side will fill up quickly, I’m sure.

It fits perfectly on top of my cubby shelves.

Look around. Maybe there’s a cast off item somewhere in your house that you can recycle into something useful.

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