Easy Daisy Wall Art

Are you like me and pin lots of great ideas on Pinterest and never make them? I think a lot of people are like that. I’ve made a couple of things that I found on Pinterest, but not too many. I’m going to challenge myself to do more. I found this Pin last summer and asked Dan if he could draw the outline of the daisy(I have no drawing skills at all) for me on an old piece of wood, but we just never got around to it. Until now.


And I did it without Dan’s drawing skills ; )  Here’s how:


First I found some leftover boards in my wood pile and cut three lengths to 16″ long. The boards are 4″ wide. I made three pocket holes on two of the boards with my Kreg jig and attached the boards together with pocket screws.


On the front of the assembled board, I brushed on a light coat of black paint. As I said, I have no drawing skills whatsoever, so I made a petal shape and a circle shape using my Silhouette Cameo and simply traced the outlines of those shapes on the board with a small brush and white acrylic craft paint.


Next, I just “colored” in the lines using some leftover latex paint. I didn’t worry about the brush strokes.


Then I mixed some yellow and gold acrylic paint together and painted in the center of the flower. Easy peasy!


To give the flower some depth and dimension, I dry brushed on some light strokes of the black paint.


What I love most about this daisy wall art is that it didn’t cost me anything to make it, since I had everything on hand and got to use up some scrap wood.


Daisies and chickens go together, right? Dan is pleased as punch that his mother’s ceramic chicken has a place on the mantle shelf ; )

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Bicycling Sweatshirt

The arrival of Spring and warmer temperatures means one thing: It’s time to ride my bike!!! Well, okay, it means more than that but that’s what I’m most excited about ; ) So in honor of bicycle riding weather, I made a bicycling sweatshirt. Well I didn’t actually make the sweatshirt, but I did decorate it.

Bicycling Sweatshirt

Believe it or not, I got the plain, white hoodie on a clearance shelf at JoAnn’s for $3.50! I should have bought all of them. Darn! Anyway, I held onto the sweatshirt for a while before the thought occurred to add some kind of vinyl decals to it. And since bike-riding weather is almost here….

Bicycling Sweatshirt

I designed this “logo” in Silhoutte Studio. I used the rhinestone bicycle shape from the online store. The rest, I made myself. Since the bicycle shape is from the online store, I can’t include it in the free cut file, but I can give you the rest of it. Feel free to down load Version 2 here, and Version 3 here. (personal use only). I curved the test to fit around the circle. If you’re unsure of how to curve text, I made a video to help you out.

Bicycling Sweatshirt

Of course I used my heat press to iron on the vinyl. I love that heat press! And I highly recommend it – no more vinyl peeling off after a few machine washes.

Bicycling Sweatshirt

I love using glitter vinyl instead of rhinestones. Besides being way easier to work with than rhinestones, you can change the size of rhinestone designs without worrying about the size of the holes since you’re not actually using rhinestones!

Bicycling Sweatshirt

Now I’m ready for a ride! The weather forecast for this weekend is sunny, but cool.  Perfect weather for our first ride of the year wearing my new sweatshirt ; )

Last Minute Easter Baskets

Every year I do this. Wait until the last minute to get the grandbabies’ Easter Baskets made and filled. I swore this year would be different. Of course it isn’t ; ). However, it’s an improvement from last year when we were “googling” candy stores the day before Easter! It’s only Thursday and my last minute Easter baskets are decorated and almost filled.

last minute easter baskets

I picked up the “baskets” in the dollar section at Target. I thought the burlap bag would be perfect for my 6-year old grandson. Not frilly, pastel, or girly and can hold stuff. Perfect!


Kids just love seeing their names on their things. I made a stencil with my Cameo and a stencil blank to spell out his name.


Using a stencil brush, I pounced on his favorite color and then simply outlined the letters with a Sharpie. Quick and easy!


It was a little too plain for my taste so large ric rac was hot-glued onto the top and bottom to give it a finished look.


My granddaughter’s “basket” also came from the dollar section at Target.


I personalized her basket with her monogram that I made, again using my Silhouette Cameo. I cut the monogram out of pink heat transfer vinyl. I was afraid that the pink monogram would look lost against the multi-colored chevron fabric so I created an offset in Silhouette Studio and cut the background monogram out of a darker vinyl. I used my heat press to attach the vinyl.


Pretty cute for $3!

Overall, I like how the baskets turned out. They were super easy and quick to make.

Are your baskets ready or are you a procrastinator like me? ; )

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The Smell of Spring

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I love Spring! My absolute favorite thing about Spring is finally being able to open the windows and let in some fresh air. Especially during Spring cleaning time.

The house has been closed up all winter long and the air inside seems stale and old.

spring smells

Spring means it’s time to put away the heavy, winter throws for some pretty, light ones.


And exchange the warm, fuzzy pillows with bright and cheery floral pillows.

The problem is is that the weather doesn’t always know it’s Spring and it’s way too cold to be opening any windows – at least where I live.

But I discovered a new air freshener system that I love. It’s called AromaBreeze Fragrance System that’s available at WalMart. What I love about it is that’s it’s not a candle, there’s no heat, and it’s waxless! That means that it’s safe to use when my grandchildren come to visit.


It comes with a cord to plug into an outlet OR disconnect the cord and use batteries. I used to use those plug-in types of air fresheners but my problem with those was that my outlets are hidden behind curtains and furniture so the fragrance was trapped behind those items.

spring scents

I placed my AromaBreeze on top of a speaker in the corner of my family room and the fragrance is like a gentle Spring breeze through out the entire first floor.  You have to admit that it looks very stylish – not like a fragrance dispenser at all. I love that I can just unplug and go cordless with the option for battery operation. I can take the fragrance to any room or location while the option to ‘plug in’ will allow uninterrupted fragrance over long periods of time.


This unique warmer distributes fragrance from an innovative fragrance ‘Halo,’ for continued aroma distribution. The fragrance lasts 50% longer than wax. The patent pending fragrance halo’s innovative vortex design increases fragrance throw by maximizing exposed surface area, allowing the aroma to spiral outward – just like a Spring breeze! Just be sure to read and follow the instructions very carefully.

AromaBreeze Fragrance System

WalMart* carries the AromaBreeze and has a large selection of the Halos for the system. I can’t wait to try them all!

The AromaBreeze would be a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. In fact, I’d love to have another one for my bedroom. Where would you put one in your home?

*AromaBreeze is only available at select Walmart stores and on Walmart.com  Hint: The AromaBreeze and Halos are in the candle section at Walmart.

Easy To Make Butterfly Wreath

Who else is decorating for Spring? I think we’re all ready to stow away the winter decor and get on with Spring! One quick way to welcome Spring is to hang an easy-to-make, new wreath. What says Spring more than a butterfly wreath!


As I was walking into Target the other day, the dollar section called my name. Does it call your name, too? I mean it’s right there. You HAVE to stop and look, right?


Two cute, little, white grapevine wreaths were yelling my name and said “hey! We’d make cute wreaths to hang on the doors of that armoire that you just built for your granddaughter!”


All I did to decorate them was cut out a bunch of small butterflies with my Silhouette Cameo. I cut them in three different sizes and then adhered them to the wreath using craft tape. Hot glue would work, too.


I have round up 18 more SUPER EASY Spring & Summer wreaths that I found on HomeTalk to give you lots of wreath-making ideas. Click on the photo below to get a close up of each wreath and see the instructions on how to make your favorites.


 Flip flops! I love that idea – PERFECT for a summer home. What other unusual items have you used to make a wreath? I’d love to hear!

Easy Happy Easter Art

When I was in HomeGoods the other day, I spotted a Happy Easter sign that I thought was so unique. It was made with twigs and rope on a piece of wood. I thought, pfft, I can make that! Take a look at my easy Happy Easter art.

easy easter art

I didn’t check the price on the sign that I saw, but it wasn’t as cheap as free!

easy easter art

The piece of wood came from my scrap pile. I used paint chips and rope that I already had for the flowers. And small broken tree limbs laying on the ground are free for the taking.

easy easter art

The petals of the flowers were made by attaching the ends of a short length of rope with hot glue. I cut the paint chips into small rectangle and clipped the corners.

easy easter art

Next, I hot glued the paint chips to the back of the rope petals.


I used five petals for each flower.

easy easter art

Using my chop saw, I cut the tree limbs into 2-1/2 lengths to form the letters. I used twigs with curves for the P’s and the S.

easy easter art

The edges of the board were covered with more of the rope using hot glue.

easy easter art

The final step was to use a blow dryer to get rid of the glue globs. Now my Easter Mantle is done and I’m happy to say that it didn’t cost a cent!

Spring Decorating

The calendar says Spring! But the weatherman says otherwise : ( However, that did not stop me from starting to add a few Spring and Easter touches around the house starting with the faux mantle.

spring decorating
Not a lot yet, but it’s a start. I was short on time so I ran down to the basement quick and grabbed whatever Easter decorations I could find. I still need “something” on the wall behind the shelf. I have something in mind – but I have to make it first ; )

spring decorating

My local grocery store had these pretty, pink, miniature carnations on sale and I just couldn’t resist. I put them in these cute, little bottles that I frosted by adding a few drops of pink craft paint to some Martha Stewart Frost Effect paint.

spring decorating

The frosted bottles pair up nicely with the glittery Easter bunny that I found at HomeGoods a few years ago.


The bunny banner took all of about 30 minutes to make.


To make it, I created pennant shapes in Silhouette® Studio and cut them out of pink, patterned card stock. I used a floral card stock for the bunnies.


After all of the shapes were cut, I glued the bunnies onto the pennant pieces and strung them together with ribbon.


After they were glued together, I decided that the bunnies needed a little definition. I rubbed some gray chalk around the edges. This would have been easier to do before the bunnies were glued onto the pennants, duh!


If you’re in need of a pennant shape, just click on Version 3 orVersion 2 to download the file. (For personal use only)

Have you started decorating for Spring or Easter yet?

Happy First Day of Spring!

Choosing Kitchen Flooring

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It has been a while since I talked about my kitchen. If you’re new here I’ll fill you in. A couple of years ago I decided to update my kitchen. By myself. Nothing major mind you. No ripping out cabinets or walls. Just basically a “facelift”. I started by painting the cabinets white, which I still love and they’re holding up very well by the way.

kitchen before Kitchen “before”


Kitchen “after”

I talked about replacing the laminate counter with granite but decided against it. Why? I just didn’t think it was a wise investment for my house. I didn’t think I would see a return on that investment since I live in a condo, where all of the houses are the same. It may make my home sell faster than any others on the market in my neighborhood, but I don’t think it would increase the value. Instead, I covered the laminate counters with a granite-looking vinyl and it looks pretty good!


Besides painting the cabinets, replacing the sink and faucet, and covering the counter, I also painted the walls, ceiling and pantry door. We also replaced the old stove.

There is still one big, old, ugly thing that needs replaced. The floor. My elephant in the room.

Now I know I talk about and love everything DIY, but there are some things that are best left to experts. Installing hardwood or tile flooring is beyond my DIY skills. Just the thought of moving the refrigerator and stove out of the room for who-knows-how long it would take little ole me to install hardwood flooring – yeah, NO! I’m going to waive my virtual white flag that says #DDIY (Don’t Do It Yourself)! If I decide to go with hardwood flooring it my kitchen, it will NOT be a DIY.

I also want to explore all of the options available. Do I want wood, laminate, tile?

While I was perusing magazines, Pinterest, and home decorating sites, I thought it would be fun to put together a little “dream kitchen” board. A place to put some of my “dream kitchen” elements.

dream kitchen collage

And now that I’m looking at it, it really doesn’t seem all that unobtainable. I already have the white cabinets and a sink and faucet that I like. I’m okay with my faux granite counter – at least for now. A few things that I’d love to add at some point would be some open shelving or a cabinet or two with glass doors. Building a banquette has been on my to-do list for a quite a while – and I will get to that at some point. But for now I want to decide on flooring.


So I set off to check out my options. I wanted to shop for flooring at a locally-owned business that has a large selection and employees that are knowledge, relatable, and are experts in design and installation. My local Carpet One fit the bill. Once in the store, I was drawn immediately to the wood flooring choices. No surprise. I like the look of tile, but wanted the warmth of wood. There were so many choices, but my salesperson really took his time explaining about all the different types of hardwood, engineered hardwood, and even vinyl that looks like wood. I  have to say that vinyl flooring sure has come a long way! I had no idea it was vinyl when I saw it. Amazing.

in home free measurement

Two days later the same salesperson (Alan) from Carpet One was in my kitchen to take in-home measurements – a free service by the way. He also brought along quite a few samples (and they were samples of my favorites so he was paying attention! I was able to get a better idea of how the various shades would look against the cabinets and appliances.

choosing kitchen flooring

I am quite smitten with this one! I love the color, the rustic look, the knots, and the grain.

Sold! (Not quite, Dan hasn’t weighed in yet ; ) But I’m sure that the Beautiful Guarantee from Carpet One: “If you’re not 100% satisfied with your new floor, we’ll replace it for free”, will pretty much seal the deal.

The next day, I received an email from Alan (my salesperson) with itemized quotes on my favorite choices. I was happily surprised that he included EVERYTHING! It’s awesome that Carpet One has everything you need in addition to the actually flooring, like the cove that covers the kick plate under the cabinets, the quarter round molding for around the baseboard, and the transition trim pieces for the doorways. So even if you are an expert DIYer, Carpet One seems to be a go-to store for home flooring and improvement projects.

The Don’t Do It Yourself (#DDIY) Flooring Sale is running now through April 19.

Easter Onesies

While I was looking for inspiration for Easter Onesies, I found myself drawn to the machine embroidered designs. They are so pretty – I love how the outline of the embroidery makes the patterned pieces of the design pop. Well, since I don’t have one of those fancy machines, I thought I’d try to get the look using patterned heat transfer vinyl and glitter heat transfer vinyl.

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easter-onesie What do you think? Not too bad? I think the glitter vinyl outline gives the bunny definition and makes the patterned HTV design pop.

Want to try it? Here’s how I did it and it’s super easy.


First, open your design in Studio. I used (Design ID #39818) from the Silhouette online store. Then make a copy of the design. Select one bunny and open the Offset window and create an internal offset. Adjust the amount of offset using the up arrow. (I bumped mine up to 0.0100). Now select both shapes – (the original and the offset) – right click – choose “Make Compound Path”.


You can fill the shape with color to check that you did it right ; )


Now it’s time to cut your shapes.


The iron them on. First the patterned bunny, then the bunny outline. Lucky me – I got a heat press for Christmas and I love it! If you’re in the market for a heat press, I really like mine and highly recommend it.

heat press

New Digital 15″ x 15″ T-Shirt Heat Transfer Press Sublimation Heat Press Machine 1515GB (affiliate link)

DIY Easter Onesie with glitter outline

save to pinterest

As you can see I made two Easter onesies for the baby. The first one I made was before I came up with the glitter vinyl outline idea, but it’s still cute ; )

easter-onesie I had to fiddle with the design of the shape, and then wrapped it around the side of the onesie. Instead of laying the onesie down flat on the heat press, I just adjusted the onesie so that the side seam was showing. (see photo above)

DISLOSURE: Some of the vinyl used in these onesies was provided by Happy Crafters. Happy Crafters asked me to become a blog affiliate for them, but first wanted me to try their product. I am happy to say that I really like the vinyl that I received and can’t wait to use more of it. A big thumbs up from me!

My friend Julie from Redhead Can Decorate is celebrating her 3rd anniversary of blogging and asked me to join in the celebration!

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Baby Girl Nursery Makeover

My daughter told me that she smiles every time she walks into her daughter’s nursery. That’s all I needed to hear. To me that means that the baby girl nursery makeover is a success. It is a pretty room and I can’t wait for you to see it. Ready for a tour?


When you walk through the door, this is the first corner of the room that you see. I just love the vinyl wall decal. That wall would be so bare and boring without it. Speaking of walls, they started out as painted paneling until we filled the cracks, made it smooth, then painted them the perfect shade of gray. You can just barely see on the left side of the photo above, the lined curtains that I made and how well the fabric coordinates with everything.


To keep this room makeover on budget, we used mostly second-hand furniture picked up at either yard sales or thrift stores and gave them a makeover. I recovered the cushions on the glider and my daughter gave the chair and ottoman a couple of coats of gold metallic spray paint. Don’t you just love that pink, ruffled pillow? I found it at HomeGoods.


We also adore the throw rug from HomeGoods. The colors are a perfect match with the pinks and golds in this room. The white, ruffled crib skirt is from Target.


We still have to find just the “right” crib comforter, but for now the polka dot sheet and adorable pillow are in the crib.


On the other side of room, where you first came in, is the perfectly pink painted dresser with the framed quote resting on top.


And my biggest furniture build: the “beast”!


Getting that armoire to my daughter’s house started out uneventful.


Dan and my two sons carried it out to the driveway with no problem.


Even getting it loaded into the truck – no problem.


Not until we got to my daughter and son-in-law’s house did we hit a snag. A big snag. A snag called a bannister. Now you know by looking at the photo above why I said that my next DIY project is going to be replacing a bannister : (


Melanie doesn’t care about the bannister ; ) She’s a happy girl because she now has a place for all of her pretty clothes. Actually, she was just happy to be crawling around inside the armoire.


The last little detail: I cut her name out of gold metallic vinyl using my Silhouette and put it on her door.

Sweet dreams baby girl!