Last Minute Easter Baskets

Every year I do this. Wait until the last minute to get the grandbabies’ Easter Baskets made and filled. I swore this year would be different. Of course it isn’t ; ). However, it’s an improvement from last year when we were “googling” candy stores the day before Easter! It’s only Thursday and my last minute Easter baskets are decorated and almost filled.

last minute easter baskets

I picked up the “baskets” in the dollar section at Target. I thought the burlap bag would be perfect for my 6-year old grandson. Not frilly, pastel, or girly and can hold stuff. Perfect!


Kids just love seeing their names on their things. I made a stencil with my Cameo and a stencil blank to spell out his name.


Using a stencil brush, I pounced on his favorite color and then simply outlined the letters with a Sharpie. Quick and easy!


It was a little too plain for my taste so large ric rac was hot-glued onto the top and bottom to give it a finished look.


My granddaughter’s “basket” also came from the dollar section at Target.


I personalized her basket with her monogram that I made, again using my Silhouette Cameo. I cut the monogram out of pink heat transfer vinyl. I was afraid that the pink monogram would look lost against the multi-colored chevron fabric so I created an offset in Silhouette Studio and cut the background monogram out of a darker vinyl. I used my heat press to attach the vinyl.


Pretty cute for $3!

Overall, I like how the baskets turned out. They were super easy and quick to make.

Are your baskets ready or are you a procrastinator like me? ; )

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Easy To Make Butterfly Wreath

Who else is decorating for Spring? I think we’re all ready to stow away the winter decor and get on with Spring! One quick way to welcome Spring is to hang an easy-to-make, new wreath. What says Spring more than a butterfly wreath!


As I was walking into Target the other day, the dollar section called my name. Does it call your name, too? I mean it’s right there. You HAVE to stop and look, right?


Two cute, little, white grapevine wreaths were yelling my name and said “hey! We’d make cute wreaths to hang on the doors of that armoire that you just built for your granddaughter!”


All I did to decorate them was cut out a bunch of small butterflies with my Silhouette Cameo. I cut them in three different sizes and then adhered them to the wreath using craft tape. Hot glue would work, too.


I have round up 18 more SUPER EASY Spring & Summer wreaths that I found on HomeTalk to give you lots of wreath-making ideas. Click on the photo below to get a close up of each wreath and see the instructions on how to make your favorites.


 Flip flops! I love that idea – PERFECT for a summer home. What other unusual items have you used to make a wreath? I’d love to hear!

Easy Happy Easter Art

When I was in HomeGoods the other day, I spotted a Happy Easter sign that I thought was so unique. It was made with twigs and rope on a piece of wood. I thought, pfft, I can make that! Take a look at my easy Happy Easter art.

easy easter art

I didn’t check the price on the sign that I saw, but it wasn’t as cheap as free!

easy easter art

The piece of wood came from my scrap pile. I used paint chips and rope that I already had for the flowers. And small broken tree limbs laying on the ground are free for the taking.

easy easter art

The petals of the flowers were made by attaching the ends of a short length of rope with hot glue. I cut the paint chips into small rectangle and clipped the corners.

easy easter art

Next, I hot glued the paint chips to the back of the rope petals.


I used five petals for each flower.

easy easter art

Using my chop saw, I cut the tree limbs into 2-1/2 lengths to form the letters. I used twigs with curves for the P’s and the S.

easy easter art

The edges of the board were covered with more of the rope using hot glue.

easy easter art

The final step was to use a blow dryer to get rid of the glue globs. Now my Easter Mantle is done and I’m happy to say that it didn’t cost a cent!

Spring Decorating

The calendar says Spring! But the weatherman says otherwise : ( However, that did not stop me from starting to add a few Spring and Easter touches around the house starting with the faux mantle.

spring decorating
Not a lot yet, but it’s a start. I was short on time so I ran down to the basement quick and grabbed whatever Easter decorations I could find. I still need “something” on the wall behind the shelf. I have something in mind – but I have to make it first ; )

spring decorating

My local grocery store had these pretty, pink, miniature carnations on sale and I just couldn’t resist. I put them in these cute, little bottles that I frosted by adding a few drops of pink craft paint to some Martha Stewart Frost Effect paint.

spring decorating

The frosted bottles pair up nicely with the glittery Easter bunny that I found at HomeGoods a few years ago.


The bunny banner took all of about 30 minutes to make.


To make it, I created pennant shapes in Silhouette® Studio and cut them out of pink, patterned card stock. I used a floral card stock for the bunnies.


After all of the shapes were cut, I glued the bunnies onto the pennant pieces and strung them together with ribbon.


After they were glued together, I decided that the bunnies needed a little definition. I rubbed some gray chalk around the edges. This would have been easier to do before the bunnies were glued onto the pennants, duh!


If you’re in need of a pennant shape, just click on Version 3 orVersion 2 to download the file. (For personal use only)

Have you started decorating for Spring or Easter yet?

Happy First Day of Spring!

Easter Onesies

While I was looking for inspiration for Easter Onesies, I found myself drawn to the machine embroidered designs. They are so pretty – I love how the outline of the embroidery makes the patterned pieces of the design pop. Well, since I don’t have one of those fancy machines, I thought I’d try to get the look using patterned heat transfer vinyl and glitter heat transfer vinyl.

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easter-onesie What do you think? Not too bad? I think the glitter vinyl outline gives the bunny definition and makes the patterned HTV design pop.

Want to try it? Here’s how I did it and it’s super easy.


First, open your design in Studio. I used (Design ID #39818) from the Silhouette online store. Then make a copy of the design. Select one bunny and open the Offset window and create an internal offset. Adjust the amount of offset using the up arrow. (I bumped mine up to 0.0100). Now select both shapes – (the original and the offset) – right click – choose “Make Compound Path”.


You can fill the shape with color to check that you did it right ; )


Now it’s time to cut your shapes.


The iron them on. First the patterned bunny, then the bunny outline. Lucky me – I got a heat press for Christmas and I love it! If you’re in the market for a heat press, I really like mine and highly recommend it.

heat press

New Digital 15″ x 15″ T-Shirt Heat Transfer Press Sublimation Heat Press Machine 1515GB (affiliate link)

DIY Easter Onesie with glitter outline

save to pinterest

As you can see I made two Easter onesies for the baby. The first one I made was before I came up with the glitter vinyl outline idea, but it’s still cute ; )

easter-onesie I had to fiddle with the design of the shape, and then wrapped it around the side of the onesie. Instead of laying the onesie down flat on the heat press, I just adjusted the onesie so that the side seam was showing. (see photo above)

DISLOSURE: Some of the vinyl used in these onesies was provided by Happy Crafters. Happy Crafters asked me to become a blog affiliate for them, but first wanted me to try their product. I am happy to say that I really like the vinyl that I received and can’t wait to use more of it. A big thumbs up from me!

My friend Julie from Redhead Can Decorate is celebrating her 3rd anniversary of blogging and asked me to join in the celebration!

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Paper Flower Centerpiece

My sweet little granddaughter just had her first birthday and we celebrated this past weekend at a party in her honor. My daughter asked me to help out by making some decorations for her “cute as a button” birthday party. Did you see the invitations that I made? Since buttons were the theme of this party I made a paper flower centerpiece with button centers for the buffet table.
I made it by first cutting out a lot (and I do mean a lot!) of flower and button shapes using my Silhouette Cameo.

Once all of the flowers were cut and assembled, I hot-glued them onto jumbo-sized bamboo skewers.


Then I took a leftover piece of a 1″ x 3″ board and marked 2″ increments with a dot of a marker.


Next, I drilled holes at each mark using a drill bit close in size to the skewers.


Once I had all of the holes drilled, I cut down 1/3 of the skewers by about 3 inches, and another 1/3 of the skewers by about 4 inches.


I cut them to different heights so that all of the flowers could be seen. Shortest in the front row and tallest in the back row.


After I was happy with the placement of the flowers, I took them out so that I could paint the 1 x 3 board. I used leftover lime green paint. Now how many people can say they have leftover lime green paint??? Acrylic craft paint would work well also ; )


And here’s the birthday princess sitting in front of her colorful paper flower centerpiece. I also made her dress and fabric flower headband.


But I can’t take credit for the cake. Isn’t it sweet!

I had to include one more photo of the princess in her birthday dress. It’s McCalls pattern – M7037 if anyone is interested. Warning: it’s fully lined and has a zipper. But if I can make it, you can too!

How to Make Decorative Storage Boxes

You know those cardboard or paper mache boxes that are sold in the craft stores? Well I was thinking that I needed to make some sort of decorative storage boxes for the top of the armoire that I’m building for the baby’s room. So with the help of Mod Podge and some scrapbook paper, I made two decorative storage boxes to hold all of the little miscellaneous baby items. You know all those little things that tend to get lost in the top drawer of the dresser.


The pretty boxes were quick and easy to make. Here’s what you need to make them:

  • paper mache boxes
  • scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • brush
  • paper cutter


First, gather up all of the supplies. For the large oval box I used two sheets of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. For the small oval box I used two sheets of 8-1/2 x 11 paper.


Cut strips of the paper that match the height of your box from the bottom of the box to the bottom of the lid.


You don’t want to attach paper on the part of the box that is under the lid or the lid may not fit back on the box.


Brush on a generous coat of mod podge to both the box and the backside of the paper.


Use the brush to smooth out the paper, removing air bubbles as you go. Brush on a thin coat of modpodge over the paper. Continue adding strips until the box is covered the whole way around.


The lid can be done in two ways. Well probably more than that but these are the two methods I use. First I cut strips of paper to the depth of the lip of the lid and applied the paper in the same way as the box.


Then trace the lid onto the backside of the paper using a pencil. Cut out the shape with scissors, then apply the paper to the top of the lid using the directions above. Trim with craft knife if necessary.


The other method I use is to cover the top of the lid with mod podge, then place the mod podge covered lid down onto the backside of the uncut paper. I smooth it out, let it dry, and then using my scissors, I cut into the paper from the edge of the paper to the lid. (see photo above)


Then I flip the lid over and fold up each “tab” and cut off the excess. Next I brush mod podge on the rim of the lid and smooth down each “tab”.


The second method creates sort of a pleated look. I chose to cover this box lid rim with large ric rac adhered with hot glue. Get creative with decorating your boxes. Use buttons, ribbons, lace or even those self-adhesive pearls would be pretty.

So what’s up with that glass jar in front of the box you ask? Well, I was wracking my brain trying to come up with a “handle” for the box lids. I thought about looping ribbon or twine then I spotted this Dollar Tree jar that I had and the wheels starting turning. Can I use that lid as the handle?


Why yes. Yes I can! Even though it kinda looks like a percolator in the photo above.


I traced the lid onto the lid (yeah, I know ; )


The I cut out the hole with a craft knife . . .


The jar lid fits snugly in the opening and there’s a little lip on the glass lid so it’s pretty secure. I then painted the inside of the glass lid with white paint to make it less percolator-looking ; )


Coming up with an idea for a handle for the bigger box was more of a challenge. Because I wanted the two boxes to be able to stack, another jar lid was out of the question. I needed a handle that could lay relatively flat. Then I remembered that I saved two beaded handles from a paper gift bag that I received a few years ago. All I had to do was find them ; )


An hour later the bigger box has a pretty, beaded handle that can lay flat.


(I KNEW I’d come up with a use for those beaded handles ; )


Though She Be But Little

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” This quote by William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the quote that my daughter chose for me to use for a piece of wall art for the nursery. It is so appropriate for Melanie’s nursery since she is a tiny little girl with a big personality ; )


Usually when I make signs, I use the vinyl letters as a stencil but this time I decided to use the actual vinyl lettering for this piece. I used gold metallic vinyl. The old frame has been used in a few different projects. I can’t remember the original color of the frame since I’ve painted it so many times ; ) But I braved the arctic temperatures and went outside to give it a quick coat of metallic gold spray paint. That was the quickest spray paint job I’ve ever done . . brrrr.


Luckily, I had a piece of plywood that was just the right width to fit in the frame. I just had to give it a quick cut on my table saw to match the length of the frame. Once it was cut, I rolled on a coat of white primer and then a coat of white paint.


While the paint was drying, I designed the layout of the quote in Silhouette Studio. I love that you can adjust the page size to any dimension that you need. Since my wood measured 24″ x 30.5″, that’s the size I made my “page” in Silhouette.


From there I typed out the quote, played around with different fonts, and adjusted the sizes.


Once I was satisfied with how it looked, I changed the page size back to 12″ x 24″ (the size of my vinyl). Then I grouped each line together and rotated them to fit on the page.


Now it’s time to cut the vinyl.


No problem weeding big letters like these!


I used a yardstick and a level to keep my lettering as straight as possible.


I’m thinking about adding a pink border around the inside of the frame so it will tie in with gold and pink accents in the nursery. Speaking of the nursery. It’s not done yet. This winter weather has played havoc with my nursery makeover plans. That and having a busy day job work schedule have thwarted my plans of having it done in January or February.

Plus I’ve been working on a huge build project for the nursery. Want a sneak peek at what I’m building?


I’m building a HUGE armoire. The “building” part is almost done. I just have a few more shelves to make and door hardware to install. Then I can finish the priming and then paint it.

Print & Cut Birthday Invitations

We can hardly believe that almost a year has gone by since my granddaughter was born. Since we’re about to celebrate her first birthday, my daughter asked if I would make the party invitations. Well of course I would! My daughter has had a secret Pinterest board for baby’s first birthday ideas practically since Melanie was born ; ) She shared that board with me and the theme she liked best was “cute as a button”. I used my Silhouette Cameo to make these “Cute as a Button” print & cut birthday party invitations.


I designed the 5″ x 7″ invitations in Silhouette Studio using some cute fonts, a purchased digital pattern, and a button file from the online store.

print and cut birthday invitations

The patterned top and bottom borders were made by filling two rectangles with the patterned paper.


I used the color picker in the fill color window to match the colors in the rest of the design. I replaced the “o’s” with the color coordinated button shapes.

diy-first-birthday-invitations I was able to fit two invitations and the registration marks on one sheet of 12″x 12″ white card stock.


Remembering to turn off all of the cut lines (yes, sometimes I forget to do that and the letters start cutting!) except for the 5″ x 7″ rectangles, I placed the card stock onto the cutting mat and sent it through my Cameo for perfect cuts.

print-cut-birthday-invitations To make the invitations even more special, I made cute, little heart-shaped seals for the back of the envelopes.

print-cut-birthday-invitations The heart-shaped button is from the Silhouette online store. I used the same pattern to fill in the background layer and chose the darkest pink color for the top layer of the button.

print-cut-birthday-invitations I cut the hearts out of Silhouette’s clear sticker sheets.

print-cut-birthday-invitations My daughter was so excited when she saw the invitations and the cute heart stickers. She said “you can’t find anything this nice in the stores”. I have to agree. Which is why Print & Cut is one of my favorite Silhouette features.


I hope you enjoyed this little Print & Cut tutorial. In case you didn’t see them, I had also used my Cameo and the Print & Cut feature to make the wedding invitations for my daughter’s wedding a few years ago.

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Applique Pillow – A Silhouette Tutorial

As I was walking through the aisles of HomeGoods yesterday looking for decorative pieces for the floating shelves that I recently built and installed in my powder room, I came across an applique pillow in the baby girl section that was so adorable. I almost bought it for my granddaughter’s nursery room makeover, but then thought, “hey, I can make that”. Especially knowing how well the Silhouette cuts fabric, I knew it would be easy to make an applique pillow using my Silhouette. And it was.
applique pillow tutorial As soon as I got home, I went through my fabric stash to look for appropriate light-weight cotton.

applique-pillow-tutorial I had quite a few fabric scraps with pink in them that would work with the color scheme in the nursery.

applique-pillow-tutorial In the end, I decided to go with this overall print. With the letters in “adorable” spread out, I could catch many of the different colors and patterns in this fabric.

applique-pillow-tutorial I typed out “adorable” using the Songti TC Font and offset the shape to create thicker letters.

applique-pillow-tutorial After ironing Silhouette Clean Cut Fusible fabric interfacing the wrong side of the fabric, I removed the backing of the interfacing and laid the fabric (interfacing side down) on the cutting mat. Then I switched out the regular blade for the blue fabric cutting blade and cut.

My Cameo did an excellent job of cleanly cutting out the letters.

applique-pillow-tutorial But once I laid the letters out on the white fabric for the pillow cover, it became clear that the letters weren’t “popping” off the white fabric. I thought about sewing a tight zig-zag, satin-type stitch around the edges, but since I used the fusible interfacing I wasn’t sure that the sewing machine needle would be able to get through.

applique-pillow-tutorial Enter Plan B. Sharpie markers! I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have a hot pink Sharpie, so lime green would have to do.

applique-pillow-tutorial It worked! The letters pop off the white pillow cover fabric just like I hoped they would. That’s much better!

applique-pillow-tutorial I grabbed a HomeGoods clearance aisle pillow that I’ve had for a while, removed the cover and it used it as the pattern for cutting out the white fabric.


Since that pillow cover had an invisible zipper, I thought I’d take a chance and try to sew one in this new cover. It took a bit of head-scratching and studying of the original cover, but I got that zipper sewn in. It’s not the best-looking invisible zipper, but not too bad!

Once the zipper was in, I sewed up the other 3 edges WITH THE ZIPPER CLOSED!!! Yes, yes I did.

So I pulled out my often-used seam ribber, opened up a seam, opened the zipper, and proceeded to sew up the ripped-open seam. THEN I turned the cover right side out and inserted the pillow form ; )


Adorable, right?

Speaking of adorable, Silhouette just informed of a couple of pretty sweet deals:

portrait bundle

cameo bundle
Disclosure: This post contains affiliates links. If you make a purchase using these links, I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you. As always, I only recommend products and services that I use and love.