Thanksgiving Day Traditions – My Kind of Holiday

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Thanksgiving is my kind of holiday! It’s a day set aside to gather with as many of your relatives as possible, sit together around the same table, enjoying each other’s company and good food! That just doesn’t get to happen often enough in my family!


Of course, it is also a day to be thankful for the abundant blessings that we have. As I get older, the holidays hold even more meaning for me. I guess it’s because as I get older, I have that many more memories of holidays past! That virtual scrapbook in my mind is bursting at the binding!

And don’t you agree that our own unique family traditions are what makes our holidays special? Every family has Thanksgiving Day Dinner traditions and today I want to share mine with you.

thanksgiving tradition_relish tray_createandbabble

Every. Single. Thanksgiving Dinner of my life, there was a relish dish. With these five things:

stuffed celery
rose radishes
black olives
green olives
sweet pickles

And to me,  it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it! To be honest, I probably passed this tray off to the right without taking anything from it when I was little. But I definitely have memories of wanting to “help” my mom on Thanksgiving morning and helping her assemble the stuffed celery was my job for many years!

celery and radishes

Have you ever heard of celery stuffed with cream cheese and nuts? It must be a western Pennsylvania thing. You know, like the  Cookie Table! I now live in central Pennsylvania and no one here (that I have asked) knew about stuffed celery either. Except a co-worker who is originally from western Pennsylvania!

If you want to make stuffed celery, all you do is spread some softened cream cheese into cleaned, uniformly-cut pieces of celery. Then just press the stuffed side down into the chopped walnuts.


To make the radish roses, trim the stem end from cleaned radishes and make small cuts into the sides of the radish with a paring knife. Let the radishes soak in a bowl of ice water to open the “petals”.

This year, a new tradition begins. My daughter and her husband are hosting their very first Thanksgiving Dinner. I’m really excited about this and you better believe there will be a relish tray with stuffed celery on it.

I bought the tray that is in the photos from Target for my daughter so that the relish tray tradition can continue in style! Another generation will be passing around that lovely tray of stuffed celery and rose radishes for year to come!

Have you seen the pretty serving pieces from Target? I was really  impressed. There are so many pretty dishes from which to choose to display your family’s Thanksgiving food traditions!

I would love to hear from you. Does your family have a side dish, appetizer or dessert that is different or unique? Have you ever heard of cream cheese filled celery?


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    Cream cheese filled celery is well known to me, but adding the nuts is a great idea that I hadn’t heard of before! I have the little Target cupcake stands you show in the picture. They add a nice touch at each place setting for dessert!
    Maureen recently posted…(Dessert) BuffetMy Profile

  2. 7


    well im all in for the olives and pickles but the celery and radishes ill pass what a great tradition and memory it makes enjoy your Thanksgiving love the silver serving piece might have to go pick one up
    arod recently posted…On My Mind MondayMy Profile

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      Jeanie says

      Anj, lol! I won’t make you eat the radishes and celery! Yes, I love that tray. I might have to go get another one to keep!

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    Adding the nuts to the celery is a great idea…I have never done that. My Mom used to make stuffed celery every holiday. You brought back some very good memories…thanks!

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    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for all of the reasons you stated above. I also enjoy spending the day before and Thanksgiving morning preparing delicious food and setting a lovely table. My mother in-law often snacks on celery filled with peanut butter but the cream cheese and nuts sounds much better than that. I’ve never tried either. All of those dishes look so pretty ~ I need to head on over to Target to grab one or two! Happy Thanksgiving.
    Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life recently posted…Sloppy Joe Pizza on Whole Wheat CrustMy Profile

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      Jeanie says

      Thanks Jennifer! It is yummy and the best part is, those items aren’t too filling, leaving room for the actual dinner!

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    Eva says

    We don’t call it relish, but we usually have an antipasto platter for family dinners with olives, pickles and some cured meat and salami. It is nice and light start to a big dinner and you can snack on the leftovers the rest of the time.

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    I love Thanksgiving because of the reasons you stated above.. it brings my family together… Now I didn’t know that Target had so many beautiful dishes.. I need a new Turkey Platter since last year my daughter dropped ours during clean up and it broke this one had been in my family for 40 years.. but its ok I told her its time to start with a new tray from our family… that will be passed down to my oldest..
    Carmen’s Life recently posted…Ends 11/23 – Micro Dry One Textra Kitchen Mat GiveawayMy Profile

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    That silver tray is perfect for veggies! We’ve always had celery stuffed with cream cheese or peanut butter. I’m not a nut fan, but I’m sure it’s a nice addition. :) Great photos- made me want to eat that whole tray and then go buy all those pretty platters!
    Nicole recently posted…I Love Jury Duty!My Profile

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    Christin Joslin Steffano says

    We always have stuffed celery! As a matter of fact I was shocked to see a your pic of it and that’s how I came across your website! I thought we were the only ones that did stuffed celery. We do some with walnuts and some with chopped black olives (which is my fav). I’m in Kansas City, so I guess it’s not just Pennsylvannia. Happy Holidays.

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