How to make Butterfly Wedding Place Cards with Silhouette Cameo

This post will be my first in a series of Wedding DIYs. If you or someone you know is planning a DIY wedding, I hope these projects will give you inspiration! Today I’m showing off the Butterfly Place Cards that I made using my Silhouette Cameo.

Butterfly Place Cards by
These are the beautiful butterfly “place cards” that I made for my daughter’s wedding. We wanted something different from the typical escort cards that are commonly used.

I used a butterfly shape from the Silhouette online store and made a few adjustments to it.

First, I adjusted the size and swapped out some of the internal circle cut-outs for heart-shaped cut-outs. I deleted the circle shapes in the top section of the left wing so there would be room for the name.

With the text tool, I entered each guest’s name and curved it to an oval shape so the name would curve nicely within the contour of the butterfly. I then added a perforated cutting line down the center.

After turning off the cutting lines on everything except the names, I ran it through my Cameo using a sketch pen instead of the blade. Then I reversed the cutting lines (turned off cutting lines for the names and turned on the cutting lines for the butterflies), then ran it through the Cameo again with the blade.

I used a 105# gold metallic card stock and the Cameo cut through it like butter! They looked so beautiful on the tables and we received a ton of compliments on them.
butterfly place card_createandbabble

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  1. 3

    Jeanie says

    Lori, I absolutely love my Silhouette Cameo. I use it almost every day! Let me know if you decide to get one.

    • 5

      Jeanie says

      Thanks Ruth! It’s called “Beautiful Butterfly” Design #10655. As I said in the post, I did make a few adjustments to it.

  2. 8

    lois paulo says

    what beautiful butterflies and love what you did with them. can you tell me what size you made these please?
    let me say you are one talented crafter

    • 9

      Jeanie says

      Thank you so much Lois! You just made my day! The butterflies measure about 4 inches across. I’ll measure them when I get home from work and give you exact measurements.

      • 10

        tet says

        These butterflies are so lovely. I am looking for a butterfly theme for my sister’s wedding and I just love your work. Can I copy your butterflies? Thank you so much for this work of art. ^_^

        • 11

          Jeanie says

          Thank you so much, and by all means, do make them! You know what they say about imitation being the best form of flattery! Let me know if you have questions; I’ll be happy to help!

  3. 13


    This particular posting, “How to make Butterfly Place Cards with Silhouette Cameo – Create and Babble” was perfect.
    I am producing out a backup to present my friends.

    Many thanks-Bradley

  4. 15


    Hi Jeanie!!

    Would you email me your butterfly file? I have tried to make it as you did and am failing!

    Thank you so much! You are so talented!

    I have a cameo and figuring out the software has not been easy!


  5. 20


    Jeannie!! I’m new to my silhouette cameo machine and I tried to adjust the butterfly but oh dear after a few hours of sweat and tears I gave up!!! Can I please pleazzzz buy this design from you as I have a up coming wedding and the bride wants butterfly glass toppers!!! Please can you help me??? Love Elna

  6. 22

    LKO says

    I am literally in love with your butterfly and cannot figure how you do the heart shaped cutout. If you by any chance still have the file, can you email it to me?

  7. 23

    CJ says

    Your butterfly is so beautiful. Probably the most creative idea I’ve seen on Pinterest for the Cameo in a while. I would be so grateful if you would share the file with me. I just don’t think I have the talent to create it as well as you did. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  8. 25

    Nicole says


    I am thinking about using these as place cards. My wedding reception will be outdoors and I wonder how well these butterflies will stay on the glasses. Was your daughter’s wedding indoor?

    These are beautiful!


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