Make Your Own Stencil Using ConTact Paper

You can make your own stencil out of ConTact Paper using your Cameo! I recently made a stencil using contact paper, a file from the Silhouette Online Store and my Cameo. The file I used is a houndstooth design that I resized to fit the top of an old, beat up end table that I’ve had for years sitting in my basement.

contact paper stencil


I got the table for free at an auction – no one else wanted it! I knew I’d do something with it some day. This table has seen better days, but I’m about to fix that!
First thing I did was give it a good cleaning with a solution of water and vinegar. I let that dry overnight and, no, it didn’t smell like vinegar the next day! Next I gave it three coats of my homemade chalkpaint (you can find that information here) allowing each coat to dry. I also sanded and distressed the edges between coats.

While the paint was drying, I cut out my stencil. I used a blade depth of 1 and slowed down the speed to 3. I didn’t use a cutting mat. When it came time to separating the contact paper from the backing, I have to say I was a little nervous, thinking this may not work since the design is pretty intricate. But my Cameo didn’t let me down! It came apart very easily. Have I mentioned how much I love my Cameo?
What’s great about using contact paper is, it sticks so it stays in place while you’re stenciling! I think it’s perfect, especially for small projects like this.
Here’s how the table top turned out!
A closer look!
After the paint was dry from the stenciling, a gave it a light coat of furniture wax.
A leg shot!
And there she is….all done! Now what can I stencil next?! Actually, I am working on my living room curtains so stay tuned! Have you stenciled anything in your house? I’d love to hear about it!


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      Jeanie says

      Thanks Chelsea! The possibilities are endless using Studio files and contact paper. I’d love to hear what you come up with!

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    Love this, what a beautiful transformation. I have always thought I did not have the patience for stencils, but after seeing this I am going to have to try. gorgeous job. Tobey

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    Bee says

    This looks great! Does anyone think it’s possible to actually make your own stencil (I don’t own a Sillhouette and have never heard of a Cameo)… hand? Let me know if anyone’s tried it and if you have any tips. I’d like to do a curtain to cover a small wardrobe that we keep in the living room.

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      Jeanie says

      Yes, you can make a stencil by hand although I’ve never tried it. From what I have read about it, you need a steady hand, patience and an exacto knife.


  1. […] I happened to have a few yards of white duck cloth-like fabric. I know what you’re thinking: why does she have yards of this white fabric just sitting around?  I bought it months ago when I saw it on sale. I’m sure at the time that I was thinking pillows, tote bags, etc. So when I came upon said white fabric during the recent reorganizing of my craft room, the idea of stenciling the fabric came to me. It’s perfect since the background color of my roman shades are white and I could use leftover kitchen paint for the houndstooth design. Score! AND I have a some experience with creating a houndstooth stencil. Remember this table? […]

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